Heart Of a Lion Under Pressure

When you think of a Lions heart you instantly think brave & courageous. A Lion being the king of the jungle is gonna make sure he and his family eats by any means. If u ever watch a Lion hunt. They’re persistent and determined. Never give up. If it doesn’t catch the gazelle it doesn’t mope around have a bad attitude and give up. It keeps going. Because he knows eventually he’s going to get it.

Life is full of pressure situations. Sometimes we go broke we may not get that job we wanted. Like that Lion we don’t give up we keep going. We keep a positive attitude. Because we KNOW eventually we are going to get whatever we hunt for. What we THINK we become. So we think positive at all times & we create the world we want. So whenever you see HOLUP just know it’s nothing but positive energy & a great attitude associated with it and whatever it is we want we are going to get it!